Students Open Source Conference, sosconf for short, is the first non-profit global open source technology summit organized by students, with students and for students. We encourage students to know open source, learn about open source, join open source and contribute to open source.

We sincerely hope that through the conference and its various events, students can gain experience and pleasure in their open source adventures. The conference is held annually in different cities in different countries and most of the participants, including speakers, organizers, volunteers and attendees are students (ranging from middle school students to graduate and doctoral students). Speaker and volunteer positions are open to students only.

Student Open Source Conference (sosconf) is the very first student-held, student-centered international conference focusing on open source. It is created by Hexang Open Source Lifestyle. sosconf 2019 is held in USC, LA, USA.

sosconf is setting up the the Students Open Source Expo and Students Open Source Prize for the students open source projects.

Please feel free to mail hi@sosconf.org if you would like to contact us.




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