Xie Jin named sosconf.zh first endorser

Xie Jin named sosconf.zh first endorser

Xie Jin named sosconf.zh first endorser

sosconf.zh, Chengdu, Jul. 27, 2021, is pleased to announce that Xie Jin has named as sosconf.zh first endorser.

Xie Jin comes from the College of Optoelectronic Engineering, Chongqing University. She joined sosconf in 2019 and participated in the preparation of sosconf 2019. In addition to volunteering in sosconf, She is the president of the Network Information Association of Chongqing University , the director of the Technology Department of News Network, and a member of the troupe of Chongqing University (the soprano voice director of the chorus)… The official WeChat account of Chongqing University has conduct a special report named “Invited by Huawei to give a speech, the results are among the best, and the community is blooming in many ways. This is aslash youth from Chongqing University! ”

While announcing the endorser, members of the sosconf committee (David Wang, Charles Yang, Ridger Chu) went to Chongqing to conduct a small interview with Xie Jin, Here it is:


David Wang: As far as we know, you do not major in computer science. How could you know about open source culture and sosconf?

Xie Jin: I first taught myself programming during the summer vacation before the freshman year, and then I took some programming courses at the university easier, so I became interested in computers. after that, I joined some technical clubs and very active in them.so I came into contact with some deeper technical organizations such as  Opening Source Org.

I have been reading this column of opensource Daily before, developed the habit of learning and improving every day. I reckon that the pictures selected by opensource Daily can become a unique wallpaper library; English articles are also mostly about programmers’ self-improvement, which will be extremely enlightening when read carefully; the projects recommended in the article are also very interesting, For more in-depth exploration, it is a web newspaper I like very much.

After the sosconf 2018 was successfully concluded in Chongqing University, it had a certain influence in my university. After I enrolled, I found that sosconf was recruiting volunteers for sosconf 2019. Therefore, I was full of enthusiasm and applied for a volunteer position in the technical department on the colorful official website. After two rounds of interviews, I was successfully selected as the volunteer team for the sosconf 2019. After meeting with Bootingman, I continued to carry out related publicity activities in Chongqing University, and even attracted and recruited some of my students who were studying in other universities,  which proves that the concept of sosconf is attractive among students.


David Wang: You once said that you think sosconf is cool. Can you explain the specific meaning of “cool”?

Xie Jin: “cool” is to have personality and dynamic; the first time I had this feeling was when I saw the logo and posters designed by the sosconf 2019, It was really unique and full of enthusiasm and vitality, which was very attractive at first sight. so I was wondering: How could there be such a cool student organisation? Later, I learned that they were all done independently by sosconf students. It must be everyone who puts in it with a different kind of enthusiasm.  Because the logos, posters and other promotional materials designed by a considerable number of science and engineering student clubs in the school are more biased towards the science and engineering aesthetics, and the aesthetics of the sosconf team is out of STEM of the official website, posters and other supporting materials.

I started on the road of technology from the beginning of the front-end, so what impressed me most was the official website of sosconf  2019. Each section uses a different colour, and the colour matching feels great, just like a Rubik’s cube.  Because my favourite thing is the rainbow, so this colourful feeling is very attractive to me. The whole design conveys a sense of openness with many elements.

David Wang: Some students think that the core of sosconf lies in a kind of “autonomy” of students, and students can realize their own ideas here without interference. Some students think that the core of sosconf lies in “sharing”, sharing the pits they have stepped on. The mountain you have climbed, how do you think about it?

Xie Jin: I think the core of sosconf is student autonomy. Of course, sharing is an atmosphere that will naturally arise in an autonomous environment. Our school’s student clubs are managed by the Association Union. Whether it’s organising activities, or seeking sponsorship or financial support, there are some restrictions. Many ideas are shattered due to the teacher or leader’s “this does not meet the requirements” and “the activities do not meet the specified themes.” or “This logo does not match the template”.  In sosconf, all the “unreasonable” with a stronger colour, show the personality of sosconf in a high-profile manner, so as to regain the autonomy, unrestricted and unencumbered to radiate its unique charm, attracting more  like-minded partners, and such partners have a strong sense of identity with the sosconf, with a passion for technology and a spirit of open source, sharing is a matter of course.


David Wang: You just mentioned that you also carried out some publicity in Chongqing University. Now many students do not know the open source culture very well. How did you introduce the open source culture to them?

Xie Jin: I really learned a lot from Bootingman, so I will often organise offline activities, or invite some seniors to give lectures and trainings, and I will organise as much as possible after the meeting. Many people have further exchanges at the dinner table. Even if they did not participate in the previous activities, the follow-up small-scale in-depth communication is actually the most rewarding. Affected by the sosconf 2019, I will also design some very cool posters and copywriting when holding an event, so as to attract more partners to come and chat with us.


David Wang: In 2020, due to the epidemic, we did not hold an offline version of sosconf. Instead, we held an online sosconf. However, the offline version of sosconf will also come back soon. What are the expectations for the next version of sosconf?

Xie Jin: The expectation is that please carried out smoothly! I set the flag first, and I will definitely participate in the restart version of 2021! Of course, as long as it can be opened smoothly, I believe that no matter what, there will be opportunities to get acquainted with more interesting students.

Since the birth of sosconf, it has been a lot of resistance, but it has continued to the present, which is enough to prove that everyone’s enthusiasm for open source will not weaken over time: even if the predecessors graduated one by one and started busy with their careers, there is always something new. The blood joins in with their ardent heart and power of action, gathers together to help each other, and demonstrates the spirit and strength of the students.

I entered Chongqing University in September, 2018. Because I just missed the sosconf 2018, I have always been yearning for next sosconf. The first sosconf was held in the United States in 2019, and I think I must go to the US. In fact, it was also influenced by other sosconf members: at that time there was a boy named Chen Hao who came to Chongqing to listen Bootingman’s lecture. I later learned that he had been running around the open source activities across China. I was deeply infected, so I made this decision. In retrospect, it was indeed the bravest decision since I went to university: except to do my best. In addition to helping publicity, in order to seize the time to improve my technical strength, I did not go home during the summer vacation of the second semester of the freshman year. I learned other technologies by myself and participated in the internship work of the R&D department of the Internet company; I wanted to go to the United States to participate in sosconf, a US visa was a big problem. I started collecting information, researching and handling the process by myself. I also asked my mother to issue a certain amount of frozen funds. I did a lot of preparation work. As a result,  After queuing outside the embassy for a few hours, my application was rejected in less than one minute after the interview. With disappointment and regret, I returned without sightseeing Chengdu. Later, due to tensions between China and US, the meeting of that year was not held vigorously. Last year, because of the epidemic, sosconf.zh 2021 is held on bilibili and YouTube.

So, anyway! Please let me fulfill my wish before graduation!

David Wang: Recently there is a popular concept of “academic open source”. What do you think of academic open source?

Xie Jin: I think this is very necessary. If you need to learn knowledge, you must first need a process of imitation, and have an overall understanding and control of “making one thing.” If the “first movers” can publish the knowledge on this road, the places to be avoided and their own mental journeys for everyone to study and learn together, this will allow more people to follow in the footsteps of the predecessors and achieve higher Take this path and become the next “first mover”. Make some contributions on this road and stand on the shoulders of giants. I think this is a very good thing, but I still hope that everyone will not do it. Reach out to the party and create your own output with learning methods and ideas to solve problems.


David Wang: In the open source community, as you said, there will be some people as guides and many followers. In most communities, there may be only a few “leaders”, but they bear most of the burden. Community advancement work, how do you view this phenomenon?

Xie Jin: They all say “predecessors paved the way, future generations enjoy the shade”, but what I see in sosconf is that “descendants” continue to pave the way, with the accumulation of each year and the development of open source culture in the school Popularity, sosconf’s influence is increasing. Every year, there is no shortage of such enthusiastic general calls. They have different personalities, but they all carry the same passion and emit the same light. From Bootingman to Ridger Chu, they all have a chivalrous temperament. Their extraordinary virtues and love for open source make people yearn to follow them and go through the rivers and lakes together! Everyone has their own ambitions and their talents. Some students are more suitable for coordinating work, and some students are more suitable as the right-hand man. As long as they are sincerely contributing and have a sense of identity with the organisation, any form of existence is meaningful.


David Wang: In sosconf.zh 2020, which project or speech is your favorite?

Xie Jin: Actually, what impressed me the most was the interview with ICE1000, because he was relatively active in the group at the time. I think this is also a meaning of the annual meeting: let us get in touch with more Mr.big .


David Wang: Will you publish a topic on sosconf in the future? If so, what theme would you choose?

Xie Jin: Haha, I would like to use “Hero From Zero” as the topic to encourage everyone not to be afraid to start from scratch and set countless new starting points for themselves but never set limits for themselves.


David Wang: You are involved in many fields at the same time: news, vocal music, the Internet, and even created a self-owned band. It was also reported as an important “Slash Youth” by the Chongqing Academic Official WeChat Official Account. I I have seen this sentence: The best way to judge whether a person is a real “slash youth” is to see if he has any works in different fields or is just interested. In the field of vocal music, you led the choir to participate in art exhibitions, as well as your own band; in the field of computer, you are the president of the Chongqing Academic Network and Information Association; in the field of journalism, you are the technology of important news Minister of the Ministry, has experienced and edited numerous news. I believe that you should also start from your interest, and then gradually become a real “slash young man”. Do you think there is any special “secret” you can share from interest to work?


Xie Jin: Actually, when I personally do these things, I have always adhered to a philosophy: “The sky of young people has no boundaries.” This is what I saw in a book during my college entrance examination vacation. I think we should not set boundaries for ourselves when we do things, but should explore and understand in all aspects. For example, when entering a brand-new field, I will conduct an independent study first. After finishing the study, I will teach the knowledge to others in my own language. Through this process, I can make progress faster. Continue to strengthen this positive feedback process through competitions and other activities. I majored in optics, so I just use light as an example. Everyone knows that the three primary colors of light are red, green and blue (RGB). All the colors that humans can perceive can be obtained by mixing these three colors in different proportions. I also I hope that I can have this possibility, so I have set up such three primary colors for myself. Red represents performance and art, green represents professional knowledge learning, and blue represents rational thinking that needs to be used in technical skills and programming. You can also set such three primary colors or even n-primary colors for yourself!

At the end of the interview, Xie Jin also recorded a short video to send to friends who follow sosconf:


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