sosconf.zh 2021 will be held at SUSTech in mid-October

sosconf.zh 2021 will be held at SUSTech in mid-October

sosconf.zh 2021 will be held at SUSTech in mid-October

The organizing committee of the Students Open-Source Conference (sosconf) has announced that the second Chinese Students Open-Source Conference (sosconf.zh 2021) will be held at Southern University of Science and Technology in mid-October 2021. Because of the recent recurrence of COVID-19, we reserve the possibility to adjust the date of the conference. All arrangements of SOSCONF will be based on the national response to COVID-19 as well as people’s health. Please pay attention to the latest news.

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sosconf is the first global open-source technology summit organized by students for the non-profit community. Based on the concept of open source, the summit encourages students to enjoy open source, understand open source, participate in open source, contribute to open source and get practice and fun from open source. The summit is held in different cities and countries every year to establish an active, diverse, and pure technical community focusing on learning and the future for students so that students from different countries can actively communicate, stand on the international stage, and show their ideas in the laboratory. The conference was held at the University of Southern California and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. In this conference, all the organizers, volunteers, and speakers are made up of current students. Audience status is not limited. As part of the X program, Chinese will be the main language used in this event.

SUSTech campus

Southern University of Science and Technology (Southern University of Science and Technology), located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a full-time public institution of higher learning led and managed by Guangdong Province. It is an innovative University founded by Shenzhen. It is also the first time to hold the Student Open-Source Conference at the Southern University of Science and Technology.

The annual conference will focus on the theme of “open source”, consisting of a keynote speech and an online roundtable. The keynote speech introduces the practice of open-source technology such as open-source projects and the application of open-source ideas. Discussion groups will provide a platform for sharing and communication; The online roundtable will provide a larger communication platform for the open-source organizations of various colleges and universities so that the open-source communities of various colleges and universities can regularly communicate with each other on the ground about the organization and project progress.

With the official announcement of the launch of the event, the conference has opened the cooperation community and sub-venue registration, speech submission (including graduate and Ph.D. students), the collection of sponsors, and others. We sincerely welcome students who are interested in the field of open source to contact us. Speakers and sponsors could contact us through WeChat or Email( Here are the official contacts.

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