Important Announcement About Cancellation of sosconf 2019

Important Announcement About Cancellation of sosconf 2019

Important Announcement About Cancellation of sosconf 2019

We are really sorry to announce that Student Open Source Conference 2019 (sosconf 2019), which was scheduled to be held at University of Southern California (a.k.a. USC) in Los Angeles on September 1, has been cancelled due to significant difficulty in venue issue, project management, budget, and other aspects of preparations overall. The sosconf 2019 Committee know that we let those who trust us disappointed. Please accept our apologies with regards to this unfortunate matter.

 For speakers, volunteers and attendees who have arrive at USC, we have prepared a meetup at Café 84 in USC from to on September 1st. The address is 1025 W 34th St, Los Angeles, CA 90089. The Convener of sosconf 2019 Committee will meet with you and share his vision about sosconf. It would be truly appreciated if you could show up that night. Please feel free to come and keep in touch with us at

 This year we have decided on a goal a little bit ambitious that, with the current team we have, could hardly accomplish. This failure, however, will not prevent us from working on sosconf in the future. It is a long-term project through which we would like more to learn about, be passionate about and contribute to open source. We still welcome anyone to join our community to together work toward the realization of this vision.

Again, the sosconf 2019 Committee deeply apologize to all of our friends for not being able to execute our event and any unfulfilled expectations that this may cause. We will release more information and details about the preparation of the sosconf 2019 and the future plan of sosconf development on in September.

 We appreciate your understanding and hope to see you at sosconf 2020 !


sosconf 2019 committee
August 28, 2019


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